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The Monochrome Gallery (currently restricted to black-and-white artwork ~_^ )

Well, I decided to experiment with colors...or the lack the Black and White Room. Let's see if it works; it'll look like this for a few days at least.

I love to work in pencil...good old plain graphite has so much pontential as an expressive medium: it's not that messy to use, it's not toxic, it is highly portable, and best of all, it's relatively inexpensive!

Not all of my monochrome work is done in graphite. Pen and ink, black Prismacolor pencil and charcoal will all be represented here (even if I don't have all the images up now).

As a side note, I realize that I am using the terms "Black and White" and "Monochrome" interchangeably. At this stage it's still appropriate, but there will come a time when I put some color monochrome images up, and then I'll rewrite the page to be more accurate. ^_^

Since my illustrations cross over with "black and white" so neatly, I've taken the liberty of making them available in this room as well, until I have more of both to show!

Please note that all the images used on this page are my own copyrighted creations. If you see art that you like, or images that you would like to use, please do not download them without getting my permission.

Thanks for checking out the Black and White room. Don't forget that if you like an image and would like permission to use it, just email me. I'd love to hear comments from people...and I'll have a guestbook up on the site soon to help make it easier.

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This page updated December 5, 2000
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