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Party Night

This picture is for a Pern fan story titled "Party Night" by Beth Winkler. It was published in the Harper Beat, a club newsletter and fanzine published quarterly by Fort Weyr.

In the story, my Fort Weyr character, bronzerider N'konn, is found dancing at a strip club on "ladies' night." Since his sweetheart is the viewpoint character, it's never really explained WHY he ended up on stage, mostly naked. At least he looked good!

We'll just say that for N'konn, the moral of the story was "never EVER make a bet with your sneaky older brother until you find out what the forfeit is...."

This illustration was done in plain graphite pencil, scanned in and tweaked like heck in Photoshop until it printed out nicely. Yay for Photoshop!

Fort Weyr is a fan club dedicated to the Dragonriders of Pern stories by Anne McCaffrey. If you'd like to learn more about Fort Weyr, please follow this link!

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