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Come in and look around!

I know the den is sparsely furnished right now, but it'll get better as I continue to learn code. At least it's warm in here.

Since I started out my career as an artist, I'd like to show a few samples of my work. I'll have a whole gallery on the site eventually, but you'll always be able to find some of my favorite pieces featured here in the den. Since it's new right now, I've put the beginning of the gallery up in the den!

Please note that all the images used on this site are my own copyrighted creations. I don't plan to use any pre-made art, so the whole site will be a gallery. If you see art that you like, or images that you would like to use, please do not download them before you contact me! In many cases, you'll find that the art is for sale as originals or prints.

I have been reviewing my records. I'm amazed at the amount of art I remember doing that I do not have pictures of! In the past, I was much more concerned about creating and selling the art than keeping a record of it. Baka, ne? If you own any of my original artwork created before July 2000, or you know anyone who does, please write to me and see if I have a record of it. I would really appreciate the opportunity to get a record of the art!

For those of you who have none of my art, here's an opportunity to enjoy my work. And for those who do, a chance to see a lot more of it!

Thanks for spending some time in my den. I hope you liked what you saw. If you have any questions or comments, or you'd like to suggest something to see in the den, feel free to email me. I'd love to hear comments from people...and I'll have a guestbook up on the site soon to help make it easier.

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This page updated December 15, 2000
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