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The last game I worked on, still freelancing, was Chronomaster. This game was neat. Science fiction games were few and far between, let alone one written and designed by an established SF author like Roger Zelazny.

I built several locations in the game and did the voice acting for two characters. One of them was a ship's captain. She bosses the main character and his assistant around like nobody's business, giving them orders in no uncertain terms. I never did get to work directly with those other two voice actors. However, I sure got a kick out of the idea of winning an argument with both Data from ST:TNG and the Beast from the TV series "Beauty and the Beast", because they're who played those parts!

I had a good time making game art. I only wish the opportunity would come my way again...but that's not too likely yet in Pittsburgh, PA.

As things stand, I'm starting to work with 3-D Studios MAX v.2, and I hope to have some animations done to show in a few months. I enjoy doing so many different things that it's not always easy to concentrate on one!

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