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Anvil of Dawn

Well, I tried to get back to DreamForge after that fiasco, but it turned out that I had opted to work for their Deadly Rivals. DreamForge's art director understood why I did what I did, but it didn't change the fact that I had left them for the Bad Guys.

Frankly, I could understand. But I wanted to work! So we compromised, and I got to learn about the wonderful world of freelancing.

DreamForge was developing two games at once, and it was straining their resources. My help, and that of my roommate Amy Finkbeiner (who had also worked for Take 2) was appreciated and needed. We did both 3-D sculpting and voice acting for the games Anvil of Dawn and Chronomaster.

My 3-D work for Anvil was limited to two rooms, but I did like the way the crystal cavern turned out.

Well, it was a good try...freelancing in order to get a foot back in the door. It didn't work, but I had a lot of fun with the work, especially the voice acting. Normally I'm a first tenor, but I got to do the voice of this teeny little tree spirit. I actually managed to do this without any helium!

Sometimes it's the small triumphs that count. ~_^

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