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Kiri Asleep

After the unsuccessful attempt to draw Kiri, my Egyptian Mau, as a costumed kitty, and the rather successful Borg portrait, I sat down on the couch to rest awhile.

Kiri must have been jealous of how Boo's picture came out. Or maybe he just wanted a lap, since he leapt into the one I'd just made by sitting and promptly fell asleep.

My friends brought paper and pencil within reach, and this is the result. That's my little misty boy!

This was created in Prismacolor pencils on the last scrap of that black printmaking paper.
Since I can't sell the original, matted xerographic color prints are available in a limited edition of 25.

As a side note, Kiri's name is Japanese for "fog" or "mist". Since he's a silver tabby, and has the most delicate "little cat feet", the name seemed quite appropriate.

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