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The Glass Room

No, really; this room just isn't ready yet. I did get some digital photos (Thanks Renata!!!), but it will take me a little time to set it all up.

Well, this can serve as a place holder....

I used to engrave all my glasses with a diamond-point etching stylus. It was a tedious task and resulted in no few broken glasses. Then I bought a Dremel Moto-Tool, and everything changed.

This was the first glass I engraved with the Dremel. I think the sense of freedom I had clearly made itself seen in the art! I still have "Rainmaker" in my collection today.

Stop back in a few days to see some more glass work!

If you have any questions, comments, or you'd like to bug me to finish this page, email me!

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This page created December 8, 2000
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